Cannot Open Framework Laptop [SOLVED]

Just got my framework delivered and hopefully there is just some trick to this and I do not have to get a replacement.

One of the screws on the back of my framework does not seem to release. It gets about halfway out and then just starts clicking as I turn it and doesn’t back out any further or get loose like the other 4 screws.

Has anybody else run into this or have any suggestions?

clicking screw

That is how it works normally as far as I know at least that’s how that screw behaves on my DIY edition. Have you tried lifting up the keyboard?

Yes, it is still firmly attached at that screw. It is the only one that makes this noise. The other 4 screw out of their threads and become loose (but still captive).

Let me guess, with the laptop upside down and the front edge facing you (i.e. with the hinge furthest away), it’s the bottom left screw?

That’s by design!

Undo that screw until it starts clicking, then turn over the laptop. You’ll notice that corner is now conveniently lifted up for you so you don’t need to try and pry your fingers under the panel.

Now just lift the panel up gently but firmly. The whole thing is held down with magnets, so it won’t just pop off. I wasn’t expecting that at first so I thought the panel was stuck. Nope, it was just designed to not fall apart the minute all the screws are loosened. :slight_smile:

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@Brett_Kosinski I did end up getting it, it was definitely not coming all the way unscrewed and not the magnets.

With the other screws undone I could lift the keyboard most of the way and that put tension on that final screw and I was able to get the last couple of threads to release.

Interesting! I’ll have to keep an eye on that the next time I open up my machine. Any sign of deformation or damage to either the screw or the receptacle?

Nothing immediately visible. I will do some testing when I am putting it back together.

For the number of people who are given pause by the left screw, Framework should consider a removable label next to it… In the future.

They do cover the information, but folks are missing it.



@ImaxinarDM i think that’s a great idea! i’m an amateur at stuff like this, and it is a really great feature! i didn’t understand it right away though, and even though it is in the guide it was a little hard to understand. I think a label or something would be cool.

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