A screw in my laptop does not come out

My laptop has one screw that does not come out and snaps down whenever I try to take it out. I don’t want to damage this laptop. Edit: I found out that it is designed that way

None of them are designed to come out. Maybe you didn’t read the guides before you tried ??

Using the T5 bit in the Framework Screwdriver, unscrew the 5 fasteners on the Bottom Cover. These fasteners will remain attached in the Bottom Cover so that you do not lose them.

The fastener on the bottom left (circled in orange) will not unscrew as far as the others, as it is acting as a lifter for the Input Cover.

Sounds like you’ve forced the other screws out? (The extent of ‘out’ needs clarity here)

I think I have the same issue as OP. If so, they’re talking about it not “come loose”, none of them come out entirely of course, that would be bad. But I also have an issue with this exact screw that it doesn’t “rise up” nicely when you unscrew it.

I ended up having to lift the keyboard panel from the other corner and wiggle it basically.

It’s somethin to learn, it didn’t corm that easy, but it did work fine :slight_smile: