Can't boot off USB Type A port in Slot 4

So I received my laptop this afternoon and had it assembled in 25 minutes. I put the USB-A port in slot 4 because it was noted as one of the two slots that wouldn’t result in high power consumption on Ryzen. I built the USB key based on the instructions about using Rufus, plugged it into the USB-A port, powered on the laptop and it wasn’t detected…

I grabbed a USB-A to USB-C adapter I happened to have handy, plugged it into the USB-C port in Slot 1, rebooted and it was detected immediately.

Did I miss something? Why can’t you boot off a Type A port?

This can happen sometimes. I’ve never seen anyone find out the root cause, but I’ve personally had issues where boot drives wouldn’t show up connected to the USB-A Expansion card directly, but would show up if I plugged it into a USB-A hub that was connected to the expansion card. I’ve also had it work by plugging the usb drive into the card before plugging the card into the laptop, and connecting the two at the same time.