Only 1 of the 4 port allows USB to be bootable?

Hi I would like to ask about the 4 ports.

I noticed recently that only 1 port (top right, the one next to the power/fingerprint button) allows me to boot USB devices. I have tried all 3 other ports with the same USB-A expansion card and cannot boot USB (not detected from F12 during boot). However, I can confirm that all the other ports are working as far as I am concerned (can charge the laptop, plug in the keyboard/mouse, etc).

Is this applicable to everyone else or do I have a fault board somewhere?

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I use bottom left for my USB-A and I boot from USB. Haven’t tested behavior in all ports but I expect no difference.

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Hmm… I wonder if this means I have a faulty board somewhere then because I cannot boot from my bottom left slot (only top right works).

What is curious is you mentioned the port is working normally after you have the OS up. :thinking:

What version is your BIOS?

I am running the latest. Also, I just installed Linux on a different partition and noticed the bottom left port doesn’t allow me to charge via USB-C. From my initial experiment, only the top left or top right would allow me to charge via USB-C port.

Edit 1 - PS: I am running Gen11 not 12, DIY edition if that matters.

Edit 2 - Goodness me. I think I managed to debug half of it now. Regarding the select port for booting USB, actually all my ports are working correctly. It is the bios setting under Boot | New Boot Device Priority that was the culprit. If you have that set to either Last or Auto. Even if you press F12 during boot, it will not detect the available drive option for you to pick. Therefore it is best to leave it as First in order to detect any bootable USB devices.