Caps Lock indicator before OS load

I am setting up my new machine and am running Linux (Ubuntu 20.04.04) with full disk encryption (LVM and LUKS).

When entering my password, I felt my pinky slip off the “shift” key and I looked down and there was no indicator light on the Caps Lock key. The password failed. I retried and it failed again. I then figured I might have hit Caps Lock and so I hit it again and there was still no indicator change. The password, however worked.

Given that this is very early in the boot process, I suspect this isn’t a driver thing but is rather a firmware/BIOS thing. I am on the latest firmware (3.07). Is this possibly a bug?

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I’m on Windows 11 and noticed my caps lock light isn’t working at all. I can toggle caps lock and it works as intended, but the LED indicator never changes. Hrmmm…