Displaying fn Lock

Is there a way to see if the fn key is active or not (short of pressing F4 and seeing if the video rewinds or if the browser closes)? I’m surprised to see a light on Caps Lock but not function lock, given which gets more use.

I’m running Linux Mint if there’s an OS solution here.

You could press F7 or F8 instead, and see if the brightness changes.

Personally I never use fn-lock, so I don’t miss it. As far as leds go, I’d like one for the mute button.

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Caps lock I would assume, I never touch the function lock

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Since I started using IBM PC’s and derivatives before Function Keys had media functions overlaid, I like my function keys to function as F1, etc. Long established muscle memory.

I’ll press the Fn button to use the media and other functions.