Charging from a 30 watt USB-PD charger not working

Does anyone have suggestions for debugging a charging issue I am having with my laptop.

I have a 30 watt USB-PD charger, it works fine with two other laptops, the one it came with, and also an Apple MBP.

However, on the Framework laptop, it does not charge, or deliver any power. When I plug it in, I get the charger connected sound, and I get an indication of a connected charger, but the battery continues to be depleted at the same rate, and the charger remains cold (as compared to its temperature when delivering power to the other laptops). So clearly, it is not delivering power.

I am running Ubuntu Linux, but I don’t think this should affect charging, but it does affect my ability to debug this issue.

I posted a similar question a while ago and was told that people had successfully charged with 18W chargers. I have one of these to debug charging issues:

Having the same issue with my Framework (running Manjaro). I left it to charge on 28W overnight and I opened it up after 10 hours to find the battery had actually drained as if it weren’t plugged in. My old laptop (with USB-C) charged just fine at 28 watts.

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can you post a link to the device so we can see the Voltage and amperage? etc

it might not be providing enough power. or it could be a super fast charger, where the laptop detects too much power and won’t let it activate

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It doesn’t have a product page or anything like that, since it is the power adapter that came with another laptop. But the charger itself has a fairly detailed description of it’s specifications.

I think the 15 V * 2 A would be a supported charging mode.

I’ve been installing some of these around the house. The one next to my bed (works with MacBook Pro, ThinkPad E595, Galaxy S10, Beats and Bose headphones, and iPad Pro) seems to not be charging the Framework. It might be the cable, but I’ve used that cable to charge most of the devices I listed above (including ThinkPad).

Sounds like there might be an issue charging from a 15V supply: