Check your battery connector if you encounter random reboots

I was having issues with my laptop randomly rebooting without any indication what could have caused this.

So when troubleshooting, I tried to reset the bios. Upon disconnecting the battery, I noticed the connector unplugged without me even trying to pull on it. Apparently the rightmost pin was bent preventing the connector from fully inserting.

I never touched the connector during assembly, so I think it’s a factory issue. If someone from Framework reads this, there could perhaps be an extra check during assembly that the connector is fully inserted? (It’s quite clearly visible when it’s fully inserted if you know what it should look like).

Btw, in many images of the guides, the connector is also not fully plugged in. E.g here and here. It should be like this. You can see the white nubs in the metal slits.


this could have been a precaution they took while having the laptop open for an extended period of time to take all these photos.

That said, thanks for pointing out this issue. While it isn’t certain that a Framework employee will read this post, it’s good to note quality issues (if you want to me sure they see this feedback, send a message to support) and it’s a good warning for other users.

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