Framework 13 - Stopped charging & now won't turn on at all

Windows 10/Framework 13

Hi everyone, was hoping for some help debugging/advice on if a battery replacement is worth an attempt.

Today, after years of running smoothly, my laptop stopped taking a charge. Running windows, it registered as plugged in & the orange side light went on, but continued to lose charge until it died completely.

I’ve tried different chargers, outlets, and swapped the charging ports around. I’m not using the original framework charger (that one is long lost) but I’m open to buying another one if that is a plausible fix. I’d been using an Anker 65w charger for a while with no obvious problems.

Now plugged in the power button light turns on & the side light turns white until it flashes on the side. That sequence is GGRGGGGGRRG then orange & 8 greens for the postcode. Referencing My Framework Laptop (Intel 12th Gen Intel® Core™) is not powering on it seems to fail the “Power Good VCCIN_AUX” check first.

Any ideas on where to go from here/if any part in particular would be worth replacing? I’m concerned since it’s not booting while plugged in replacing the battery won’t help? Is there some other component I should be looking at instead? Appreciate the help.

While off & plugged in it blinks orange, but pressing the power button produces the behavior above. White lights, then blinking red/green check responses

Hey @Nicola_Segall I can only offer commiserations and a hand-wavvy suggestion. But given the time of year that might be all you get for a few days.

Try carefully releasing the cable that connects the battery to the mainboard. Inspect the state of the cable receptacle as described here:

Reconnect the battery cable and see if the problem persists.


Appreciate the help over the holiday week Dino! Battery connector looked ok & unplugging/plugging it didn’t change anything, but support did get back to me (amazingly quickly given the date) and had me try a few things. The one that fixed my issue was a full reset of the mainboard.

I followed Fully Resetting the Mainboard State - Framework Guides and it’s now booting & taking a charge. I’m so happy to have my laptop back & working. Thanks for your help!