Chromebook board compatibility

There is no whitelist but certain cards just don’t work. Not really frameworks fault, the be200 causing the amd board to not post is somewhere between amd and intels fault. And the intel cards with their proprietary interface not working on amd is obviously also not frameworks fault.

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this is a good point that I didn’t think about. I assumed that the incompatibilities had to do with the BIOS and T2 security chip, didn’t even think they’d be software limitations!

As I wondered… maybe I will just buy DIY for now as cheap as possible and get an upgrade when corebooted and/or intel me disabled becomes an option. Pondering… but I don’t know when it will arrive or if anyone has uploaded DIY guide for this, meaning doing the framework laptop building

Phoenix is apparently getting opensil so coreboot on the amd board could eventually happen relatively easily. Without opensil it’s a lot harder but still possible.

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