Biometrics on Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition

As an owner of a ca 2015 Google Pixelbook that is VERY much on its last legs, I’m very excited to order my Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition just now. The order form didn’t offer a biometric option BUT the images of the device seem to include a fingerprint reader in the upper RH corner. Will the device include one? If not, can I order the $29 Fingerprint Reader Kit to add this function? Thanks!!

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No, due to hardware limitations.


As a long-time Chromebook user, biometric login is extremely important to me.

Please find a way to get around the “hardware limitations” and add what is essentially the only item keeping this from being the best Chromebook ever – a fingerprint reader.

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I would buy the laptop instantly if the fingerprint sensor would work. It’s the only thing holding me back. Are there any plans for supporting the fingerprint sensor on the Framework Chromebook?

@nrp this is probably a question for you:

Interesting. I purchased the Finger print reader and installed it (Framework | Fingerprint Reader Kit), however I don’t see an option to set-up the fingerprints in the chromebook settings. Is this reader working for the Chromebook edition? (maybe I should have checked this prior to purchasing the reader kit :slight_smile: ).

The fingerprint reader does not work with Chrome OS.

How is this a hardware issue? The HP Dragonfly Chromebook has an Integrated Fingerprint Sensor. I am not sure how this is an issue that cannot be fixed.


It’s not a hardware issue – at least not with ChromeOS. Many Chromebooks have fully-functioning biometric readers. It works fine and has for years.

It may be that the fingerprint reader that Framework has opted to use isn’t supported by ChromeOS, but that can (and should) be dealt with.

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