CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT, rebooted, now Bluetooth Device Not found.?

My Framework 11th gen with Windows 11 has been rock solid for a while. But today, out of nowhere, I got a BSOD.

After rebooting, I noticed my bluetooth mouse wasn’t working, and when I went to check the bluetooth settings in Windows, it simply wasn’t there. Device manager gives an “Unknown USB Device”, but I can’t get it working.

Installed the Framework driver pack, I’m all up to date with Windows. Intel driver update doesn’t even give me Bluetooth under the device hardware.

Any ideas???

I would first run check disk to see if your Windows install has any corrupted or missing files. After running that, go to device manager, uninstall the Intel bluetooth device, and restart. If all goes well, it should automatically pick correct bluetooth driver and then you can update it to whichever one you want.

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Thanks for the suggestion @TheTRUEAsian. I noticed that my battery level was at 100%, which is odd, because I have it set lower to preserve the battery health. Then I remembered installing the latest BIOS update (weeks?) ago.

So I rebooted back into the bios, changed the battery charge level and did nothing else. Saved, rebooted, and got into Windows. Bluetooth showed up!

Prior to this, I had rebooted a few times (after driver installations).

I’m not sure what caused BT to disappear like that, or what caused the BSOD, but I’m glad it’s working again.

So strange to have things be so reliable, then poof. If it happens again, I’ll post another update.