Closed clamshell vertical use and heat feedback

I’ve had my 12th gen, batch 2 FW for a few days now and have been using it mostly in closed clamshell mode, vertically in a stand next to the 42 inch external monitor. Some feedback.

  • Overall, much better than I anticipated!
  • Windows 11 installed, i5, 32 GB RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD
  • Hinge side and fan are on the top in the vertical stand, no external force air used
  • Much of my work is browser with multiple tabs open (5-10), 1-3 Excel worksheets with a bunch of data in it → core CPU temps are always below 40C and hover in the 34-38C range
  • I also write code and need to compile code in that process → I will see core CPU temps go into the 40s and sometimes mid 50s, but rarely to never above 60C, with quick reduction into the 30s once compiling is done
  • Software install → can get into 50s, occasionally low 60s, but temporarily only

Overall I’m very happy with my FW as heat dissapation with closed laptop in a vertical position was my main concern. I say no worries!


What vertical stand are you using for the laptop?

I needed to store my Chromebook too, hence the two slotted version.

That’s good to know!

And, it’s on my wishlist. Nice find!