Coil whine when charging

I’ve noticed that when I plug the laptop in at low-ish battery, there’s a pretty distinct whine for the first few minutes of charging, which I assume is coil whine from the onboard transformers. It’s not a big deal, but a little annoying.

I’m using a RAVPower 65W charger, fwiw.

@mbernhard just checking, could you share which CPU version of the laptop you have?

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One other question. If you have any other USB-PD chargers on hand, does the issue occur with those as well?

I’m on the i7-1185G7 SKU.

I haven’t tested with other chargers (well, I have a 95W charger that I was trying to use but it wasn’t charging. I think it may have been the cable I was using. I can go try it again).

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I see. When you have a chance, please take a picture of the specs on the charger, and on the cable if there is anything written on it. Thanks!

Here’s the charger and its specs. I’m using the included cable.

As it turns out, I was wrong about the 95W charger, it’s only 61W.

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I have also noticed a coil whine when charging.

Charger: SlimQ 100W
Cable: INIU

@mbernhard I had the same issue with that RAVPower charger. It would only do it for me when I was using the first port but not the second.
I switched to a RAVPower 100W 2 port charger and there is no whine using that one.
It seems to me that it is an issue with the charger and not the laptop. I would try a different charger to test if it is just that.

I have confirmed the the coil whine I was hearing is caused by the charger, because the same thing happened with a different make/model of laptop.