SSD making an electrical whine/buzzing noise

Hi everyone! I received my DIY Framework Laptop about a week back. I’m currently using a 500GB WD SN750 SE (Gen 4) SSD in it, with Windows 11 and latest drivers/firmware for all.

Whenever the laptop is on, I hear the SSD making an electrical whining/buzzing noise, which surprised me because SSDs don’t have moving parts and my old 2015 MacBook Pro didn’t make sounds like this… It’s not that loud, but still noticeable to me if I go close to the laptop. I’ve confirmed it’s from the SSD, as when booting just from a Ubuntu installer USB without the SSD installed, the noise disappears. SSD health seems to be fine.

I’ve seen online that this could be normal due to power states and interference, but I thought I would ask the Framework community if anyone else has noticed this. Thank you!

In case you’re not aware, the WD SN750 SE is not the same as the SN750 that Framework sells – it’s a very different lower-spec model that confusingly shares a similar name. I’ve never had an SSD make a whining sound but it could be an issue with the specific model you have.

Sounds like Coil whine based on how you’re describing it? I don’t know much. Are you sure it isn’t another component though?

There is nothing anyone can do to fix coil whine if that is in fact what it is. My only advice is to return the SSD if you are certain that is the issue and get another one.

I have at least one SATA-based SSD that has coil whine under load, so it’s definitely possible.

This is not true!

(the video in question is regarding power supplies, but coil whine is coil whine; also a safer way to work on a power supply is to plug the PSU into a grounded power strip that is connected to the wall but have the power strip turned off; also only use your right hand and have the grounded ESD strip further up your right arm, though working inside any PSU is arguably dangerous - I hold no liability if you accidentally kill yourself)

…though maybe “fixing” coil whine on an m.2 SSD is for all intents and purposes “impossible” due to their small form-factor in that you may not have much space to add any such hot glue or neutral silicone? And that’s without considering if it’s on the side where a heatsink would normally attach, in which case you’d have to worry about insulating the heat.

And of course, if the coil whine is on the backside of the m.2 SSD, then it’ll be difficult just to even determine if that’s where the coil whine is even located.

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