Color options

Some of the pictures on website along with the deep dives feature an orange (edit: and a black) bezel around the screen. Will you have a range of color options for it and other parts of the laptop like the cover where the keyboard and touchpad is housed or maybe the entire housing?


I think they’ve said there will be color choices for the bezel (and the web site shows both black and orange, hopefully a hint that they will ship long before hallowe’en :slight_smile: ). For the housing top I would doubt it, but maybe they’ll surprise me.

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I’d really appreciate different color and individualisation options!:smiley:
But what about different possible Materials, too?
For example some users could be a more ecological type of person wanting parts to be made from certified wood, while others would love transparent plastic or something luxury like brushed aluminum?
This way every Framework Laptop could be unique (and that would be absolutely fantastic)!!!


Could also use some Alcantara, as in MS Surface…
And also add Samsung Galaxy Chromebook’s color options, plus a Blue one similar to that Fiesta Red of Galaxy Chromebook
And also enable different color combos, like One colour for the lid and another for the keyboard, and use AI to give out the best color combos… that’d be cool

I recall seeing orange Framework Laptops in marketing communications early on - was that an early adopter benefit/option? :orange_circle::orange_heart::orange_square:

Those were early samples, but we are still developing the orange and grey bezels. There are actually three different plastic resins in each bezel, so getting the color match between them is challenging.


A Gray bezel would be nice!

Are there any plans for a completely black laptop? (Not only the bezel)


I’d take a nice clip on hard case for it.

@nrp Sorry to dig up an old comment…but are there any plans to release more color options for the bezels? Red and Blue would be great additions.


Specifically the ironman red.

Totally recognize everyone thinks they have a certain colour preference – but that is objectively wrong. Orange is the perfect choice.

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…but Orange is already available. We need new additions. :blush:

Personally, I tend to favor Gray :wink:

In the past, Fairphone decided their Fairphone 3 cases color by voting. Maybe Framework can do same thing to decide the color options.

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Would be freaking awesome if, in the future, there’s something like Trek ProjectOne or Pinarello MyWay…from Framework.

Maybe :wink:

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Alternatively, are the bezels paintable? I’ve been thinking about getting an extra gray bezel and hydrodipping it? Does anyone know if this would be possible?