Orange bezel

I was curious why orange was the only colorful bezel color. But while we’re at it, can we get a cyan bezel? It would be a insta-buy, if I had the laptop.


This may be the same as the paint situation where different colours are more harmful to the environment. Though I’m not entirely sure. If you wanted though you can just buy any colour and paint it cyan.

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I just assumed it was part of their brand’s color scheme (their website and forum are all a variation on black, gray/white, and orange) and we’ll be seeing other colors later.

Yes, we will be seeing more colors later. A blog post discussing the replaceable bezels clearly mentioned that Framework wants to offer a lot of different colors.

I wouldn’t call it wasteful if the old bezel is reused or kept as a spare. It can probably be recycled too. What WAS ruled out for the Framework laptop were different colors for the metal body/chassis, as colored metal of that variety is hard to recycle

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With DBrand skins on the market I’d love to see something like what DBrand has done with playstation Darkplates. You could get bezels to match with your purchased skin, I would find that awesome