Combo ANSI/ISO/JIS keyboard layout

Framework already uses a single keyboard frame for ANSI, ISO, and JIS layouts. A fourth combo layout combining all the extra keys from each layout would add a lot of flexibility in QMK for enthusiasts. One of my friends said he’d use the extra keys for additional keyboard layers fn1 and fn2. I personally would use the extra keys for for dedicated Print Screen, Menu, and Home / PgUp / PgDn / End buttons.

Note Framework already makes all these keys! So hopefully that makes it slightly more possible Framework could actually release this. I expect that Framework would release it with clear keycaps, no legends, to keep it to a single SKU and let everyone globally use stickers to adapt it to their specific needs (assuming they need labels; I can touch-type letters and numbers, but no way do I know all the symbols that well).

This idea is coming from feeling bummed about missing keys on the ANSI layout, particularly another row of keys with Home / PgUp / PgDn / End keys and Print Screen. I understand Framework didn’t want to shrink keys on the 13" to an extra row. Fair enough, I can’t argue with that. And keeping the 15" close to the 13" isn’t unreasonable either, although it’s not exactly the same anyway as the arrow keys have changed a little.

In any case, for now I plan to use the RGB macropad to add the keys I care about as I shared in TKL (tenkeyless) keyboard. Even better than that would be a halfwidth macropad like I share in Macropad Small input module, but I think that’s even less likely than this combo keyboard layout.


I suppose it would be nice to have buttons above the arrows, too. Lots of laptops put PgUp / PgDn keys above the arrows. But of course with QMK they could be disabled to do nothing, or let you effectively have full-size left/right arrow keys, or be layer keys, or anything else.

But this would necessitate a different frame, so I think it’s much less likely.

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This is a Combo ANSI, ISO, JIS, KS, ABNT, ABNT2 layout actually, at least assuming the layouts are accurate at Unlocking the Mystery of Unusual Keyboard Layouts: A Comprehensive Guide to ANSI, ISO, JIS, ABNT, KS, and More – Ranked. It appears to me that KS / ABNT / ABNT-2 all use a different subset of the keys above.

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A decent number of people want a trackpoint eraser nipple. I don’t personally use them in spite of having owned ThinkPad, Toshiba, and Dell computers which include them. But they’ve never gotten in my way either, so adding it fits with the goal of a single hardware layout SKU that meets needs of as many people as possible assuming QMK software customization.


Could you redo the color coding to show which keys are used by KS, ABNT, and ABNT2 layouts? I just think it’d be neat to see

@Epsilon_Z is this kinda what you were thinking?

Note these layouts may not be exactly what’s expected, but that gets back to the main point. For example if a KS user doesn’t like how Framework’s Korean layout is missing the right AltGr and Ctrl keys, they can buy different stickers and use different keys. I have a really hard time telling what is the “right” layout for everything just from looking at Wikipedia, more Wikipedia,, and Framework’s FW16 list.

Also to reiterate, I expect all layouts would include all split keys. If someone does not want extra keys around the spacebar, they use QMK to treat all four as “spacebar” keys instead of just one. I’m not totally sure how that works with the two styles of Enter key. I suppose we either have to split it into three keys or ship with two physically different sets of keys. Since FW is averse to users changing keys based on what I’ve seen in other threads, I guess the right answer is splitting it into three keys. I’ll probably change that in a future update in this thread.

Here’s a concept with the keyboard backlight being used to show an ANSI layout with the four spacebar keys combined into one, the extra shift/backspace keys combined as well, and the arrow keys highlighted as a group.


Damn, you made a whole gif and concept image, you went above and beyond with it, thanks!!! I think this is such a cool idea and I appreciate you playing the concept out how you’ve been doing, I hope it gets some more attention!!!