Compatability of AMD Ryzen 5 7640U with Adobe Suite

Are there any hardware acceleration compatability issues by specifying AMD Ryzen 5 when using Adobe Photoshop which needs hardware acceleration when handling raw files like .NRW files from Nikon? Can I use Adobe CS6 and CC recent versions by specifying AMD Ryzen 5 chip instead of Intel - this is my biggest concern when considering specifying AMD Ryzen, I am concerned about the GPU integration and drivers that may be needed for compatability with Adobe Suite when it uses GPU for hardware acceleration. Thanks for any advice.

I have installed Adobe CC on my Framework 13 AMD 7840U and did not experience any compability issues.

I would suggest you to change the UMA setting in UEFI firmware to UMA_GAME_OPTIMIZED, which allows GPU preview in Adobe Illustrator to work as it requires more dedicated VRAM.