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Hey everyone,

TL;DR: Has anyone with a i7-1185G7 version with 32+GB RAM used After Effects and or Premiere Pro, and is it a total wreck, or is it actually usable for smaller projects?

I’ve looked around a bunch the past couple days but haven’t found an exact answer to this question. Other laptops with the i7-1185G7 CPU with Iris XE graphics have been rated sort of ‘on the fence’ for content creation. It seems like with enough ram, working in illustrator, photoshop, and light room should be fine (within reason), but it’s hard for me to get a good answer on how it would perform with After Effects or Premiere Pro. The reviews I’ve seen always seem to say that working on ‘lighter’ projects should be fine but rendering takes a long time. I’m fine with all that and not expecting a laptop like this to blow me away in terms of performance, but I’m curious if anyone who has a Framework i7-1185G7 laptop has used After Effects or Premiere Pro. I want to get one to support the company and vision, and it’s more so that I can do light work when I’m away from my desktop, but if it’s super stuttery or a pain to use for the smaller projects, then I may wait till there’s a mobo with a better CPU.


Not a direct answer, but with a i3-10100 (A far weaker CPU), the creative applications all worked wonderfully (with the exception of Premier Pro export, that took ages). So essentially you should be completely fine.

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Ah thanks so much! Most reviews talk in terms of benchmarks that don’t really mean a whole lot to more ‘average’ users haha. It’s good to hear from someone with more ‘real’ experience!

I got the i5-1135G7 with 16GB of RAM, it handles Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro pretty decently. In terms of performance the CPU is similar to my old desktop I used from 2015-2020, which was fine for compositing and rendering scenes at 4K for me.

I wouldn’t expect the most jaw-dropping performances, but it does the job pretty well for me.

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Great, it sounds like it should totally suit my needs! Thanks for your input!

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I would go with I7-1165G7, because the performance buff is pretty marginal for the price up. The mainboards can also be used outside of the laptop, so you might be able to (it’s probably beyond most users) build a framework server farm.

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I did end up going with the i7, I figured if the i5 worked then i7 would be better haha. And yeah, at some point when they offer it, I’ll update the main board to something stronger. I have seen some people putting the main board in mechanical keyboards to make cyber deck kinda things which could be a fun project for sure.

Hi Elliot, just wondering how you are doing with the laptop. I’m a IT coördinator at a school group I mainly do Microsoft admin, intune, lots of browser tabs open, OneNote, Outlook, and the occasional basic Illustrator, Adobe, Da Vinci, OBS studio screen recording, virtual machine.

I was eager to order the 16 but the dimensions are much bigger than my HP Omen 15 so it won’t fit my backpack and I think my Omen is already heavy and bulky.

Are you happy with the power of the laptop? I need mine to work fine and quick.
It’s a 2017 I7, 16GB ram with a GTX1060 videocard.

I would love to have a less bulky and more lightweight device as I have to travel from school to school.