Compatibility of components

Couple of questions, haven’t found answers.

1 I always use to build my own computer but with every cup, you needed a new motherboard, New memory, etc. I know AMD said they were going to change that but did they actually do this? I understand it might not be optimal performance.
2 can you buy cpu’s from anywhere or do you need to buy framework cpu’s?
3 it seems that framework did not standardize on any existing components. For example there are various screens out there touch and none touch, led, etc, but it does not seem you can just buy any, you have to buy the ones from Framework. Can you buy a screen that fits in the framework 16 frame? My guess is no, it Probably has to do with the bios, but it would be awesome if we could Re-use some existing components like the screen. Maybe framework can work on creating various ways to attach these screens and sell that. Or is that expected from partners? And what about a battery? In the early days you could switch batteries, what happened to that feature?

I know framework needs to make money to stay in business, but as they said on this forum, they do not want to be in the business of making screens.

If I had a better idea of how long it would take for delivery, I would jump on it now. But my laptop is ending the end of life (very disappointed with my Razor) and I wish I could fix it like the framework laptop. I just do not know if I can wait that long.

Any insight is appreciated.

I was not aware that the cpu is part of the motherboard, I thought this was a possibility, to upgrade the cpu as well. So for upgrades it does not matter if AMD changes the motherboard, if you go with a new cpu, it is a new motherboard anyway.

On desktop, AMD stayed with AM4 for a long long time. I went from a 2700 to a 3700X to a 5900X on the same motherboard. They only moved to AM5 recently. They know well that the secret to their success with Ryzen was AM4 and the fact that they stayed with that socket for a long time. They knew that sales would drop when they switched to AM5 so they put it off as long as they could. Sales have dropped. They will not be switching away from AM5 for a long time now, it would impact their sales again.

This is a moot point with a laptop though, since all CPUs are soldered in. So it doesn’t matter, if you need a new CPU you need a new mainboard. Framework has tried as long as possible to keep the same memory standard, DDR4, so that users can reuse the memory from their previous laptop. But the industry is moving to DDR5 and Framework can’t stop this. DDR5 on Ryzen 7000 is mandatory, so Framework has to switch to DDR5, there’s no choice. On Intel, DDR5 is optional but Framework nicely stuck with DDR4 on Intel 13th gen. One day DDR5 will be mandatory on Intel too (14th gen?), so you’d need a new mainboard for that as well as new memory.

You need a new mainboard. Laptop CPUs are soldered in. Framework has released specifications for their mainboards, anyone with the capability of making mainboards could make one, but so far no one but Framework has.


Framework decided to go with unusual screen ratios 3:2 on 13" and 16:10 on 16", so the options are limited in the first place.
Also the mounting holes and pinout have to match. Is this even consistent within a brand?

Also they can’t really advertise if they are compatible with the displays of a specific brand+models. “For Displays, please buy replacement parts from our competitor A which are compatible with their Models X or Y”. Why A, why X+Y? If there where a defacto standard, they could use that.


Laptops have used soldered on CPUs since about 2015. They’re more an SoC now than a plain CPU.

16:10 is pretty common again now, most ThinkPads are back on that ratio. Unsure about the mounting holes, even Lenovo glue the screens in now. :man_facepalming:

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We so badly need Framework to grow and become a major player with many product lines.


Slightly off topic, but I was shocked when I saw the glued in display. At work we had one out of a batch of T16 arrive with a faulty screen a couple of months ago. Engineer turned up to fix it a few days later. I figured it’d be clip the bezel off, 4 screws and it’d be done. Took him nearly an hour most of it wrestling with the glue strips. The bezel is a sacrificial part, as you have to wreck it to remove it.