Some sort of ideas after researching on framework laptops

Im thinkin’ is it possible to make framework into laptop/tablet by replacing the display with a touch display ? and making the screen fibbing 360 (dont tell me how XD) ? and is it possible to replace the intel g11 with any amd cpus "it may be a bit unstable " ? and do you think there is a release that has gpu (in the future ) + is it a good idea to buy a laptop now or wait abit .?

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There are a lot of threads about these kinds of things here. Try searching. It’s best to read as much of them as you can, and form your own thoughts on if the Framework fits your use case now, and if you are willing to use it until more options are available.

Nobody is you, and we each have a different view on how it works (or not) for us.


gimme some…

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Search for “Touch Screen” and you’ll find existing topics about swapping displays and possible 2-in-one upgrades.


Suggestions regarding : framework Tablet, AMD, amoled displays with higher refresh rate + resolution, 5G, linux, BSD & accessories.