Confirmed Backpacks That Fit With dGPU

Outdoor Research Field Explorer Pack - 20L
Laptop pocket fits the 16 with dGPU.
It will also fit the 16 with a Crush Case if you want to increase the padding.

I also note that the laptop pocket does not extend all the way down, keeping it off the bottom.

The LTT Backpack

I can confirm it fits in the laptop compartment, the closest to your back sleeve has a tight fit but once you align properly the laptop and the backpack it goes all the way in without issue, that’s in the sleeves, the laptop compartment has plenty of space for the laptop if you deposit it in the main space there


My 5.11 Rush 72 fit’s it quite comfortably, but I don’t have the dGPU. I’d guess it’d fit though.

This one I bought and it’s very good. I had the 15" version for many years.
Pro-DLX 6 Rucksack 17.3" | Samsonite Deutschland