FW 16 Bags?


I know people have asked similar questions and I guess this is more to get straight to the point.

I was wondering if the FW 16 with GPU would fit inside the peak design 30L as I know the dimensions don’t match but a FW employee on Reddit said many bags conform around the FW16 because it’s thinner.

I am starting uni soon so I need a bag as my old cheap bag broke last year and definitely couldn’t fit the 16.

Even if not in the sleeve would it fit flat in the bag?

Also any other options for high quality bags that won’t kill my back that you are aware of that for the 16 with GPU?

Reading this, I started wondering, why you’d need a GPU for the uni…
Wouldn’t it be much easier to carry around with the GPU module swapped out?

Mechanical engineering requires certain specs and we are working with big assemblies this year. I was looking at the 13 but they said I’d have a hard time without dGPU.

¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯ Kinda frustrating because it costs me more but it is what it is and I’ll be getting a decent job in a couple of years so yeah

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The 780M in the 7840U is pretty good for integrated graphics. I’m not familiar with what programs you’d be running but it’s nothing like the weak integrated graphics of the past. It gets decent fps in a lot of games so it might not rule out the 13 for what you want.

Hey look I appreciate your help however the point of this post was to get an answer to my original question without all this discussion that is irrelevant. Trust me I’m looking deep into all options available but as of right now I’m looking at bags for the 16 and if it’s not possible then that’s okay but I need clarification.

Don’t get me wrong I agree with you but as mentioned I’m getting details for all options before making my final decision.

We had a discussion about this a while back. FW16 without the dgpu module fits in the 30L peak design everyday bag, but not with the dgpu. The travel bag works, but you might not want to carry that everyday


No to sound rude but as I mentioned in my original post I said I understood that it doesn’t technically fit but the FW team mentioned that bags tend to conform to the laptop as it is far thinner than the sleeves in the bags.

And I was also wondering if it would just fit flat in the bag even if it wasn’t in the sleeve.

Are you looking at the Peak Design Everyday 30L backpack or the Travel 30L backpack? To be clear, I don’t have my FW 16 yet, or either of those PD backpacks. But it would be nice to know for sure which model you are looking at for anyone looking to chime in, plus it would be nice to know what you have in mind if recommending other bags.

Are you looking for a “camera” bag, or a general use backpack that has a laptop sleeve? Would you be open to a smaller backpack if it would still fit the laptop? A 30L is fairly large and I know you said you don’t want it to be hard on your back.

I was originally looking the the everyday backpack but whatever fits and as you said doesn’t hurt my back. I just need something that will fit some books, pencil case, laptop, I do have camera gear but the bag doesn’t absolutely have to be able to fit it. Would be nice for it to fit of possible.

I was only looking at the 30L because it was the one bag that could potentially fit the fw16.

I really appreciate your help

Ah, I didn’t really understand what you were saying about “the sleeve” in your top post.

I would say you should not expect it to fit. The dimensions are not that close, and the way the bag is constructed, the laptop compartment gives you more length and width than the main compartment.

The main compartment is more flexible, so if you remove all the organization stuff from the inside you could maybe fit it, but I would not recommend getting a peak design bag if you are not going to use any of the features, and this would look bad, with the corners bulging out, and maybe feel bad, since the weight would be away from you

The laptop compartment is quite thin and the FW13 in my 20L bag is extremely snug

There’s a few suggestions from folks in this other thread

I personally am going with the North Face Router backpack

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Yeah I did see those, I have a north face backpack and it kill my back because the straps aren’t ergonomic but perhaps that was just the one bag.

I see. Not sure what to recommend to be honest, all the fancier backpack brands I’ve looked at have been too small to fit the laptop into.

That’s my pickle, I’m not sure what to do.