COnnecting a GPU to the motherboard with a M2 to PCIe adapter

I am running Fedora 37 and its not recognizing my gpu with this set up is it a bios set up thing or and the gpu not getting enough power or a fedora problem the gpu is a AMD RX 6600 using an M2 to PCIe adapter the m2 slot in framework laptop is x4 support(that’s what I found out on a website)

I think you have to use a M2 thunderbolt drive adapter and connect the cable to the USB-C port.

You need to power the GPU with an external PCIe power supply (if you haven’t).

that’s if you want to use thunderbolt and that is more expensive and gives you lesser frames than this method I think this is a bios problem because on a desktop mother board you can change the bios setting and do this