Connectors for battery extension cable

I’m trying to build a strange form-factor derivative of a framework laptop 13, but I’ve hit one snag: I need the battery to be in a somewhat different location that was originally designed for the framework laptop chassis, and I don’t think the connector will reach. Framework-Laptop-13/Mainboard at main · FrameworkComputer/Framework-Laptop-13 · GitHub and Framework-Laptop-13/Battery at main · FrameworkComputer/Framework-Laptop-13 · GitHub very helpfully indicate the connectors for the battery… but I cannot find any of these connectors in volumes less than thousands, and I really only need one (and maybe a few spares) of each type to build an extension cable.

So does anyone know of any way to source the relevant ACES connectors somewhere that sells at hobbyist scale?


For my project, I’m considering rewiring it with a different connector.

Can I ask what form factor are you targeting? Curious as to why you need to move the battery so much.

It would probably be easier to just splice the wires on the battery’s side. Cut the fabric off that holds the wires together, and then, one at a time (not the whole lot at once or you’ll short the battery!), cut each wire and solder a longer wire between them.

Thanks both for these ideas!

Goal is something that has essentially the same length and width as the mainboard and keyboard, but I have a lot fewer constraints on the depth. So I want to stack the battery underneath the mainboard and the keyboard directly on top (with a custom case to get everything to stack, although I haven’t worked that part out yet completely.) I don’t need that much more length, but the real problem is that the connector is not flexible enough to wrap all the way around under the board.

Yeah I though about something like that but was not confident there was enough length of actual wire under the fabric to be able to solder my own wires onto it (and I will confess that I am particularly afraid of soldering Li-Ion batteries given their “exciting” properties when shorted.). Have you done this successfully or have heard of someone else doing it?

For now I may just use a USB-C power bank I have lying around since that works as a temporary measure. Not ideal though, so still be happy to hear success stories based on the above to give me the confidence that I can pull it off!

That should be a standard-ish 2.0mm pitch wire-to-board connector where other brands would have parts that interoperate. That isn’t something we’ve tried though.