Cooler cleaning procedure

Please encourage people to clean their CPU coolers every once in a while from dust. I know, this should be obvious, and probably is to most tech people. But should “normal” people get their hands on a framework machine, they should be taught about this.


Agree. One time a colleague came to me with an overheating laptop and we blew air into the thing; the output was a remarkable dust cloud.

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Sometimes you just have to crack it open and clean it with some rubbing alcohol, tweezers, and wipes though. I’ve discovered with my brother’s PC that six years of compressed air cleaning can build an impressively impermeable mat of lint between the fan and heat sink if you don’t complement it with regular normal servicing.

Old thread, but leaving this here in case it helps others.

A guide/some anecdata for completely cleaning the fan without removing the entire heatsink so that one doesn’t have to disturb the thermal material under the heatsink: