Intel Boot Guard & Coreboot

Will the framework laptop have Intel Boot Guard enabled or will it be disabled from the factory? I am an experienced Linux user and would love to have Coreboot on this laptop and am willing and able to work on it myself. However, if Intel Boot Guard is enabled this can not be done as far as I know.


Right now boot guard is enabled from the factory. However we are exploring the idea of shipping a version of the mainboard with boot guard disabled for those who want to run their own firmware.
Running Linux should not be a problem with our system. I applaud your desire to run as much of the software stack using OSS firmware.



Are you up for working on a “Free the Frame.Work Laptop!” initiative? What kind of skills and technical expertise can you provide?

@Kieran_Levin - any information when this kind of unlocked board will be available ?

currently this is the only thing which holds me and alot of my friends (+ alot of guys on forum as i saw) from buying.


Is there a way to get 13th gen Intel or 7040 AMD motherboards without boot guard?