CPU over 90°C on Win11 Desktop. Not gaming

i5-1340P. Win11 Pro 24H2. 26052.1100
The CPU usage is less than 50%, but the temp always over 90°C. What should I do? I just received this for several weeks.

I’m using the Throttle stop. I can’t change the Voltage.

Are you putting it under load? This isn’t just gaming and can include other things such as making large file transfers and running intensive applications. Cause if you are, the temps are not unexpected.

That does seem under load, look at cores 1, 3, 4, 5 and 7. And 44% total usage.

On my desktop, my CPU can heat up with only about 4.5% usage when one of my cores gets 100% loaded by a single-threaded process.

What’s QQ? There are 6 instances, it’s using a fair amount of CPU.

A communication tool from china. bad app. It really sucks. It occupied all the physical P core and lots of E core when it is running in background. This cause the laptop over 90degree with no other apps running.

That makes sense. The task manager counts the P core and E core together. So actually it is running the 4 physical P core. It’s still weird to have 90~100°C on laptop.

It is around 60°C if I close all the apps ( I didn’t quit the background apps before) and just on the desktop.

I’m having 4 Type-C expansion cards. 100W PD adapter.

Quite normal on modern mobile chips especially under load and it’s not going to affect its lifespan. You can repaste it if you want to get lower temps.