What is a safe temperature to game at?

Hi, I’m using a 3rd batch, gen 12 board with the most recent version of windows 11 (don’t judge me, I happen to like it so far). I am playing video games(OW2 & Destiny 2) with a fan platform and wanted to know if the temperatures I’m staying around are safe for this model. I’m running around 75 -80 Celsius with peaks at 83 rarely and briefly. Anybody have any advice for better cooling? I just want to make sure I’m not causing damage sitting at these temperatures for hours.

You should be fine, the processor regulates itself to prevent overheating. I wouldn’t go past the 85-90 Celsius range for a sustained amount of time though.

That’s fine. Modern Proccessors are built to handle that easily.

Mine runs at 85-95C which is higher than when normally I am running CPU intensive tasks though. The maximum rated temperature is 100C so I think it is fine.

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Intel designs the chip to run at 100c and it will boost until it hits that temp or can boost no longer. Don’t worry about temps unless the laptop is performing out of expected behavior due to temps.