Cracking audio after waking from sleep

I have noticed that once I wake from sleep the audio is cracking on both the speakers and when using headphones. When using speakers, the audio level is 20-30 and when using headphones audio level is around 10. Rebooting the system eliminates the cracking in the audio. The headphones are Bose QC25, I have tried noise canceling on and off with no difference. I have noticed this on both Windows 10 Pro and 11 Pro. I just wanted to know if anyone else has come across this as well. Thinking it might be driver-related as it’s impacted the speakers and headphones.

Batch 4 i71165G7 DIY
Realtek Audio Version
Windows 11 Pro
BIOS 3.07 with Framework Alpha Driver Pack
2TB Crucial P5 Plus SSD
64GB Crucial RAM
Intel AX210 no vPRO

Can you provide a recording? Often times the speakers make a “pop” when the cones start being driven to neutral, as they often rest off-center.

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I solved this by deleting all realtek drivers, except for the USB driver


New fix. I installed Windows with a tool to skip all the logging in to a windows account when I had the problem. Reinstalled the laptop with Windows 11 and the standart setup screesn (yes also logging into the dumbass windows acccount) and now audio works perfectly.