Headphones low audio level

I’ve noticed that when I plug in my headphones to my framework that my audio is super low no matter how much I increase the audio. The audio is at 100 when I’m in a zoom call and it is still so low I cannot hear anything.
I checked my settings to see if it was something in there that was causing it but I couldn’t see anything. Does anyone know why this is happening?

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Could you confirm what OS you’re using?

Definelty a bit low but I can hear fine. Win 11 Gen11

windows 11, 12th gen

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Same issue here, 12th gen running Windows 10. Volume quite low even at 100%

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@Soccer_guy If you have the model with the Realtek Audio Controller I would recommend setting up the headphone by adjusting the audio settings in Realtek Audio Console. There is an option for changing the EQ for each sound device.

You may need to update the settings after a Windows Update or BIOS update.

I don’t think there are any 12th gen model with Realtek sound card. All of them are Tempo afaik.

Yeah the 12th gen doesn’t have realtek