Current Shipping Path?

What is the current shipping path on DIY laptops to the US, and how do I determine if my order has shipped yet? Are you still sending out emails, or was that when things were not in stock?

I ordered a DIY machine last week, got an order number on-site, and info (see below) said will get an email and full amount will be taken when it ships. The full amount of the order was taken from my card the next day. Does that mean it shipped?

I have not received any emails about my order (have emails from community post replies here though), and the status in my account online doesn’t indicate it shipped (says "PreOrder Placed).

I understand if there are delays, truly. I just want to be sure I actually receive it when it does ship… as things are sometimes left out at the road when our gate is closed. We open the gate when expecting deliveries so the delivery people can drive the 1/4 mile in. If we are not expecting it, we may not see it before a passer by…

Do the deliveries require a signature? That might help.

Ideally I would have the tracking number so can sign up for notifications with the shipper. Is that still FedEx?

Here are some details:

Ordered: 12/19,

Confirmation on website page said $100 deposit taken and had my order number listed with my shipping address and configuration, said it is batch 6 and:

Shipping method:
Free Expidited Shipping

Expected delivery date:
Batch 6 - In Stock - Ships within a week

We’ve got your deposit!
Here’s what to expect next:

  1. We’ll send you a follow up email before we prepare your order for shipping. You’ll have the opportunity to order accessories or make adjustments to your shipping address at that point.

  2. We’ll then collect the balance on your order and ship your product out to you!

While you wait, check out the Framework Community and our Blog where we’ll continue to post updates on the path to shipping.

On 12/20 order status showed as “PreOrder Placed” on the 20th, but has the deposit as the full amount (rather than $100). Checked credit card and full amount was taken.

No. You will get a separate email with tracking number when it ships.

No. Fedex has not been enforcing the “signature required” service for quite a while now.


In my experience the order of emails was:

  1. Framework Marketplace order confirmation
  2. We’re preparing to ship
  3. Your order is shipping soon
  4. Your order has shipped

Sounds like you’ve been waiting for #3 for 8 days now? Seems a little slow, but I’d give them a few more days before bugging support, it being holiday times and all.

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Thanks. Actually been waiting for any emails since ordered… so I guess email #1. This is why I am a bit uncertain. If it weren’t for my online account and the charge on my card I would doubt the order went through.

I know my email address is in the system correctly because this forum gets the email it uses from my Framework account… and I am getting emails from here about replies to my posts FWIIW… but I am now wondering if emails about shipping and my order are being sent in a different way.

What is the email address the shipping notification comes from? Perhaps I can set up an alert or filter or something… I have done searches for “Framework” and “” in all mail, as well as looked manually at all mail, including spam folders, back to the day before my order… and am not finding anything about my order.

Not getting an order confirmation email is definitely abnormal. I would reach out to support (at the above address).

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K, thanks for confirming that. Like you said, I was trying not to bother them unnecessarily, but seems it may be necessary at this point.