Cursor key keycap pop-off

Recently noticed that pressing the cursor-down button’s left side pops the right side of the keycap off the switch; pressing the right side clicks it back on temporarily.

I didn’t try to force it to see if something broke or wore off; the laptop has only been in use for two weeks, and it’s very light use (few hours a day), so I’m wondering if this is common?

Hi I’m pretty sure if this was common there would be mention of it.

I just had anew input panel (keyboard + etc.) so will give it a test. My previous was replaced as it was the wrong ‘nationality’

UPDATE: Just tested and buttons seem fine. Sounds like a job for official support.

Ah, I didn’t mean “common” as in “every keyboard has this issue”, more among the lines of “is it just me?” :slight_smile:

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Seems like you are a special case, maybe one of a kind :slight_smile:

It took about a week for Framework to send me a new input panel, which takes 4 or 5 min to replace. A lot easier than replacing just the keyboard, so ask for a whole input panel ideally.

I suggest you get in touch with support asap.

Wouldn’t a whole input panel be exactly the kind of e-waste Framework is trying to offset?

Also, it’s just one key; I’ll be fine with this for a while I think.

First I think Framework would like to know about it and see if there is a manufacturing issue if you return it.

Secondly I don’t think your input panel will go to waste as you can return it and they can probably fix it.

They even may be able to help you fix it yourself.

They may well be but selling faulty goods won’t keep the business in good stead and potentially limiting sales and the ‘good’ work :thinking: