Post your bezels colours! Interested in how they look like

Hey there!

The newer colours can be purchased and I was wondering if people by chance already have these. I’m curious to see how they look like.

Can you guys provide photos of your laptop with a colour that hasn’t been posted here yet?

Thanks a lot!

I saw the Orange at the tech expo in Vancouver earlier this month. It wasn’t as orangey as I had hoped. I may see if I can switch over to the red.

Which colors do you want to see? I recall someone posting lavender.

I’d suggest changing your thread title to help get the attention of people with the bezel colors you’re interested in. E.g. “Post your bezels! Looking for green or purple pics.”

Posted this in another thread but here’s how the purple looks on mine:


I have seen a few orange ones but often those weren’t depicted in good light so I wonder if these actually look good or not.

I changed the title. I am curious in general but the red and green ones are the ones that interest me most.

The lavender one honestly seems off compared to the product page. Thanks for showing!

Purple? Do you mean Lavender? It looks good indeed

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They might have toned it down. My very early run orange bezel is very orange.