Custom identifiable storage expansion cards

Since expansion cards can do a lot of thing, being able to differenciate them would be a must, people having multiple storage expansion cards would be common (backup, storage expension, multiple boot drives…) so we should be able to identify them.
Engraving would be amazing but just a selection of color on the side would do the trick.


I guess you can always put stickers on the top, but something more integrated like nice big icons or maybe random-art would be awesome. That’s the sort of touch not a lot of people will notice, but those who do will appreciate it greatly.

I’m not sure there’s much more space left on the top though:

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Yea, that does sound useful, though not something we’re currently planning. There are services you can ship items to to get custom laser etched which you could also try.


I like that the modules are not marked… If I want to mark one I rather do it on my terms. And I own a label machine anyway so no big deal.