Feature request: Stickers with expansion card slot information

I just added labels to the bottom of my machine to remind me of which port does what based on this page:

I was initially thinking it’d be nice to have this information etched on the case, but I guess that wouldn’t necessarily be the same when the machine is updated in a couple of years.

So how about just supplying some stickers with that information designed to go around the expansion card slots?

I had the same idea.
Will cut some stickers out of foil using a cnc cutter.
I already did test that the foil is thin enough to place the stickers underneath the expension cards.
Will post a picture, when done.

It would be cool if the info was available in text on that web page for the visually impaired if anyone fancies having a crack at it. :slight_smile:

I’d love if they had laser etch on the bottom with information about the module type

I think it must be temporary and not permanent as it will probably change next time you upgrade the motherboard. So a sticker is probably the best choice.

Another thought: Simply put the slot numbers there. Those won’t change, and you won’t have to triple-check which side is left, right, up and down.

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In my Hackerspace i have access to a lasercutter, a cnc mill and a cnc foil cutter.
Right now i’m unsure about engraving the numbers.
But i will make stickers for sure.