Do customers in Germany have to pay taxes and duties

Title, basically. Does the laptop ship to Germany from Germany and the quoted price is final? Or does it ship from outside the EU, and has to be held by customs until VAT is paid either by the customer or Framework (as an intermediary)?

It ships from Taiwan but VAT is included. You should not need to pay anything upon delivery.

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I ordered from Germany and taxes and duties are indeed included in the price listed on the Framework website, I didn’t have to pay anything extra when it arrived.


I see. Is there any other involvement needed on the customer’s end? Or is it just order, pay, and wait for delivery (like Scott Pilgrim did with Amazon Canada)?

Nope! You’ll probably need to sign for delivery as it ships indirect signature required, but other than that, you’re good!

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@Morpheus636 Off topic, I live in Taiwan, so if I buy an FL16, how will it be delivered to me ?

Framework hasn’t opened ordering in Taiwan yet. Iirc it’s supposed to be coming, but it doesn’t look available yet.
What countries and regions do you ship to?


I do have a similar follow up question

I paid the 100€ reservation fee with my credit card. On my finance account it was 102€.
The 2€ came from my bank institute due 2% foreign sales.

Due to the cost of around 2500€ for my configuration it, this foreign sales would add to around 50€ which i would be happy to avoid if possibly.

Does anyone else had this specific use case. EU is such a big market i would assume they have an bank account here too.

Is there a way to avoid these costs?

It sounds like this is a specific “problem” with your bank having an extra fee for foreign sales, which sounds kinda weird and unusual.

The only fee that is typical is if your credit card currency doesn’t match the currency you buy with. In that case, the bank usually can have a fee for converting the currency.

But if you buy a Framework in EUR region with an EUR credit card, unless you have a very shitty bank, there should be no fees. There definitely were none when I preordered my Framework 13 using an ING debit card.


Hmm thanks for that answer.
I am with VR Bank. I opened a support ticket. Maybe something went wrong during order on my side.

I already aware of these fees but my order is listed in € and also the payment was done through framework EU (or some similar name)