Damage to touchpad cable / keyboard either not working at all or only some keys / glued side

I’ve been showing my frame.work to a lot to friends and colleagues including removing the input cover and it looks like I managed to slightly damage the touchpad cable and either I have no key working at all or only some of the keys.

Screenshot from 2022-05-29 19-04-34

Screenshot from 2022-05-29 19-04-23

I think the issue is the small pinch, I’m travelling but I’ll try to find some adhesive to avoid the strain may be it will work.

It looks like the replacement touchpad cable is not for sale yet:

Also while looking at the two end connectors of the cable the one on the keyboard is glued to the keyboard (my frame.work is a batch 9 azerty) so I wonder what the procedure is now to replace it?

Links I found while looking for a solution:

The links are excellent for addressing the problem and troubleshooting. I did the same. Ultimately I had to contact support. I :heart: my Framework now.

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@Laurent_GUERBY if you contact the support team, we can manually process an order of the Touchpad Cable for you, since the Marketplace is not yet fully up for Europe. The cable is held with double-sided tape on the touchpad end, but you can carefully lift it off (open the latch first).


@nrp thanks, I just contacted support via the web form with an URL to this discussion.


@nrp Received the new touchpad cable and installed it this morning, my frame.work has now a fully working keyboard, thanks again!

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