Keyboard connector on Trackpad broken/bent pin

I have a problem concerning my brand new Framwork Laptop 13 inch AMD.
I got it yesterday and the keyboard only partially works. The reason for this is a bent a pin on the trackpad connector that goes to the motherboard. Frameworks support did not respond to me. I already was able to migrate windows from my old laptop. everything seems to work otherwise. Can anyone please help me? I want this fixed as quickly as possible.

Framework support is currently taking longer than normal to respond to tickets (normally it’s 24-48 hrs iirc). Be sure not to open additional tickets or otherwise bump your ticket, as that will cause it to get sent back to the beginning of the queue.

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I received my first support mail right now. I hope everything goes through smoothly. Also thank you for the info, I guess I have to patient.

That is a manufacturing problem they have identified. It should not appear anymore. Which batch you were in?

In terms of “as quickly as possible”, where is the breakage? I’m, sadly, not noticing it.

Framework agreed to send my a replacement keyboard. I got some more pictures here:

(damaged flex cable, because of bent pin)