Dbrand Framework Skins Up

I really want to pull the trigger on the robot camo, but I wish it had the cutout for the FW logo and also came with multiple sets of module skins, since it looks like the pattern carries over to them seamlessly. Swapping the modules around like they’r emeant to be would ruin this immersion (not that they’re visible very often).

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Definitely not! Looks sporty.

I think they could have made it work. The did it for Air Pods.
I feel like they didn’t try for framework.
They begrudgingly made one just to make one.
But beggars can’t be choosers, right?

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Got the Matte White and Black mix…too hard to pass up


That is actually super clean, tempting myself with it!

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I feel you, but airpods sell many orders of magnitude more units than FW, and they probably had to limit effort to break even, but you’re right, that’s not super cool of them.

I just got a top skin and a trackpad (because it was cheaper than shipping) and I couldn’t be happier that they bothered making one at all. My wallet may disagree; I think I’ve now spent more on stickers than I’m planning to spend on first-party expansion cards, lol.

That’s exactly what I did, minus the deck lid for aforementioned budget, and visual continuity.

Yeah I played with different mixes and this seemed like the smoothest look. I like the carbon fiber skins but I just couldn’t make it look this clean.

Just ordered the gray carbon skin but just for the top, bottom and expansion cards.

Me too. It just looks almost unfinished to me without the sides.

I also wish I could purchase skins for individual expansion cards instead of 4-packs, as the expansion cards are sold individually. Perhaps I’ll email Dbrand for this.

Speaking of colors and options, I would love to see a dark gray/black body for the laptop someday.


I feel you. I lucked out since I ordered 8 expansion cards. But I had to go through the customization utility twice in order to get another set of just expansion card skins. It would have been nice to have the feature of ordering how many you needed.

I did the exact same thing.

I’ve also never used any Dbrand skins but those colors on this laptop just look like they’re meant to be so I had to try it. I’ll definitely report back when my batch 5 arrives.

As someone who’s bought from them before, you’ll be pleasant with the finished look. I’ve been buying their cases and skins for the last two phones I’ve had. They make a really good product and have detailed instructions for application.

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Thank Linus for that xD

I’m drooling over this! Customizable bezels, dbrand skin, custom modules, custom skins on the modules! You can make this laptop literally however you want! I love this laptop.

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Which one?


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Number 3. Don’t know about skiing the modules though, I worry the pattern won’t line up.

Yes! This month just keeps getting better and better. Framework Laptop Skins, Wraps & Covers » dbrand


(It would be an even better month if international orders open up)

This is pretty dang cool

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Just ordered mine…love the products from them.

While it might be a stretch, I’ve sent an email requesting the robot skin with the FW Logo cutout, and also requested the Framework Laptop in their damascus skin in case they rerelease that drop!