Dbrand Framework Skins Up

For those who have skinned their trackpad, how has it affected sensitivity, tactile feel, and overall performance?

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I like this combo. Looks sharp. I’m considering either this exact combo, or all Hyperblack Titanium with a matte black trackpad.

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Got my palmrest and track pad skins. Looks Dope!



I had no idea the skins had such realistic textures pressed in. That wood grain looks phenomenal.


It’s very easy. Their instructions, bad jokes aside, are very good. Framework Laptop 13 Skins » How to Apply » dbrand

I did not use a hair dryer at all.


That looks fantastic! Am I allowed to copy that? Lol

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dbrand has x-ray skins for a lot of phones. would love to see them offer it for the framework. especially considering it’s a laptop based on accessibility.

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How’s the accuracy of the track pad tracking after the skin install?
Exactly same as without the skin?
Small accuracy loss?

I honestly can’t say there’s any issues after applying the track pad skin. I can press fairly lightly and it detects everything fine. I don’t see any noticeable difference between with or without.

It’s been well worth it to be honest.


Thanks for the feedback!

Kinda hilarious how I can order skins before I can order actual laptop.

Has anyone tested to see if adding a bottom skin affects thermals at all?

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That’s because the laptop is in early production. This is how low volume production works, whereas all DBrand needs to do to make a new skin is laser cut the right parts of a giant sheet of sticky plastic.

Oh, I totally understand it, it’s just a funny thing.

My thoughts:
Top looks amazing, but make sure your colors match with the silver of the laptop. Red trim looks a bit weird.

Also! The excess skin can be used as make shift expansion card skin(Black expansion card skins are makeshift in picture)


Maybe the only thing you are missing here is the Orange bezel frame. Now it’s time to add it to the waiting list :slightly_smiling_face:


I got mine in the mail today and installed them a bit ago. Came out alright for my first time laying vinyl on anything. I went with the Grey Carbon on both the lid and palm rest -


Oh wow that’s nice looking Framework.

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Here’s my Framework with the Robo Camo skin. Opted to keep the trackpad and expansion card skins off.


I applied the top skin easily enough, but oh boy did I mess up the bottom and keyboard ones. TIL thin pieces of vinyl stretches pretty easily :man_facepalming: