Dbrand Framework Skins Up

Oh wow that’s nice looking Framework.

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Here’s my Framework with the Robo Camo skin. Opted to keep the trackpad and expansion card skins off.


I applied the top skin easily enough, but oh boy did I mess up the bottom and keyboard ones. TIL thin pieces of vinyl stretches pretty easily :man_facepalming:


Yes! Thank you for sharing. I’ve had their skins on my MBP forever, and was really looking forward to getting one for the Framework. I miss the textured trackpad. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sadly, my palmrest skin is a few millimeters too wide causing it to hang over the left edge a little when perfectly aligned at the right edge, the fingerprint reader, the indent for the lid, the keyboard, and the trackpad. Hoping they will respond positively and replace it accordingly. Apart from that, the skin definitely looks interesting. If I had to do it again, I probably would have kept the yellow carbon fiber on the top and bottom, and done black or something else for the palmrest… and maybe not the carbon fiber design - its a little scratchy on the wrists.


@JoshuaB - I had the same issue (scratchy on my wrists) with the same skin. Ultimately (and very carefully) what I did was use a very fine nail file and filed gently downward starting at a 45 degree angle and rolling it down over the edge.

I kept doing this (especially on the right side corner, where I was getting a bit of overhang) until it felt nice and smooth. Much better now.

Key is a fine grit, and maybe testing it on a spot of the palmrest skin near the display.


Surprised that nobody mention about wanting a dbrand teardown skin! Maybe we need JerryRigEverything teardown review on framework laptop

I found another tread here mention Transparent Shell - #4 by Ethan_Spoelstra teardown skin without any further comment.


This is the one I want as well. I requested it from dbrand, but I’m not expecting that they’ll ever make one.

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Reviving this thread as dBrand actually has a Teardown skin for the Framework up on their site now! It’s only for the top half, but it’s there!


One more robot camo.



There goes my robot camo…

Nice touch that they added “A Robot” to the team. Looks like they changed the link too.


Both are excellent, especially with the pictures you posted! Replacement shells on the Marketplace, perhaps?

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They also added Zack Nelson of the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel!

Yep! It brings you to their cult Twitter page.

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I bought a Teardown matte skin. Should be pretty cool!

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I originally went with black carbon, but didn’t like how large the carbon accents were. So then I got the Black Matrix one which I have used on the Surfaces I’ve had over the years.

Sadly I messed up the bottom layer, as of right now only the lid is covered.

Quick question for the masses here:

When you apply the keyboard and bottom skins do you leave all the cutouts in when applying it?

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I left the cutouts in…initially. Without them the edges get all out of square and are much harder to line up. I know this because I too messed it up.

Initially I left the cutouts in and it went pretty well. Unfortunately, I got it started just a tiny bit too far up. Try as I might, I couldn’t prevent the cutouts from mostly popping free when I pulled the edges back up. With the keyboard cutout mostly disconnected, I was getting frustrated trying to keep the thin edges all square and even. I was running out of time (my fault for trying to get it done right before work), so I just stuck the whole thing back on the backing paper and put it aside. I haven’t tried again. I was kinda on the fence about using the inner skin anyway, so I probably won’t bother. But I was mad at myself for messing up the initial application. I was SO CLOSE to getting it just right the first time and being done in seconds with no trouble.


Has anyone noticed a change in thermal performance with the skins on? It’s my biggest concern with getting some for a laptop.

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Don’t obstruct the vents and it won’t be a problem-the chassis isn’t supposed to be a heat sink unless you modify it to be one


friendly reminder. the dbrand people have a good record with fulfilling special requests. (I asked them to draw a wolverine)

the skins arrived ahead of the laptop…