[Solved] Looking for a clean topdown photo of the insides

The image below is just so close, I just really want a photo that doesn’t have any hands and has all the components visible. I have had an idea to turn that into a wallpaper using some Adobe Illustrator tricks and can’t find a clean topdown anywhere on the site, twitter, or guides page.

If anyone has a high-res one from some dark corner of the blog or website, please link it below!

DBrand has a teardown skin, the photo they use is pretty high res

Teardown » Special Edition Drop » dbrand

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yes it is! I had to go into the html to get the image (their zoom-on-hover made it so I cant right click save as) and this was the result!


Glad to be of help my friend!

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I want this! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.