Dbrand Framework Skins Up

I want to order one of these, but am worried about how it looks. When anyone gets their order could you post some results? Thanks!

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Eventually, when it arrives. [inbound memes about when the Marketplace will arrive or which will come first]

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Great news today. Laptop will ship in a few days and now this. Can’t wait to get these skins on.

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Got my shipping confirmation as well. Can’t wait! Hopefully, DBrand gets the instructions uploaded to YouTube before I get it. I’ve never done one yet.

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I’ve done skins on phones and they are fairly straight-forward. A laptop is going to be a new experience for me.

And they arrived…of course before the laptop which just makes it harder to look at these…can’t wait to see the finished product.


That bottom skin looks like it 100% blocks the air inlet!


It doesn’t…once applied I have to pull pieces off…it’s hard to tell because you can’t see the seams. All ventilation areas will be exposed


Same here. I really like a black laptop. It tends to blend in better and not stand out as much.

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Whenever you install, could you post some pictures of the trackpad area (if you bought it)?
I’m curious to see how the palm rest area and track pad area look.

Did you get just the top, bottom, and expansion cards?
I can’t decide whether or not to get the trackpad and palm rest area.

Absolutely! I planned on it. Hopefully the laptop will be here by the weekend. I’ve already gotten one delivery reschedule after the initial email. FedEx is living up to their reputation :laughing:


I have installed my bottom skin.
Also, because I didn’t get my expansion card skin, I just hacked something up lol.
It’s my first time doing laptop skin so it’s not the best


Looks good.
I feel like they could’ve easily made the bottom front part a separate piece (to be attached as a single “U” piece).


I got everything but the trackpad. All the same carbon black color. :+1:

I agree that the U on the bottom should have a skin for it. Kinda looks a little odd without it.

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I totally agree. I wish they could’ve done a better job but oh well.

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I went with a combination of mahogany and matte black. I do kinda like the rougher texture on the touchpad.


I’m typically against putting stickers on anything, but the lid skin looks sharp.

How difficult is the alignment and application process?


I like the cover, but the bottom and the inside not so much. I least this has caused me to refine my tastes.

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