DDR 5 6400 Compatibility?

Batch 8 is finally processing, that means it’s time for me to grab my storage and memory. Storage shouldn’t be complicated however I was wondering if anyone had tried the DDR 5 6400 32GB kit that Kingston is offering with their Framework 16? It’s not a ton faster than the recommended 5600 speeds that Framework recommends however if I can eke out a bit more performance it might be worth the cost to me.

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It will run at 5600 or not at all. You should save your money.

I did, it actually runs worse then 5600, limited to only 4800. For some reason FW doesnt allow any change of ram speed or timings and will just default to standard speed if it uses anything other than 5600

Hoping they update the bios to support it but with my back and forth with support their only solution was to buy different ram

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Thanks for the info on the memory, I read that XMP profiles aren’t supported however I was hopeful that maybe manual config was an option. Oh well, I’ll grab one of the 5600 kits instead.

No, it supports JEDEC profiles only, of which 5600 is one and 4800 is another.