DDR spec for 13th gen (Poll)

Assuming there is a 13th gen. Which DDR spec do you hope it supports and why?

  • DDR4
  • DDR5

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DDR4, no need to change DDR versions until an AMD board is launched. Retain compatibility with existing parts until no longer possible. Simple as that.


I totally agree with above statement.

I think that Intel 13th Gen will be the last support for DDR4 on the mobile side. Changing to DDR5 now would kind of go against reusing parts from previous models and producing a DD4 and a DDR5 board for 13th gen would add logistical complexity.


Part of me thinks perhaps its best for the platform to go the ddr5 route early to get the longest run on ddr5 possible?

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Memory speeds honestly aren’t a very big bandwidth nowadays, especially considering the iGPU isn’t especially strong anyways. Might as well stay with DDR4 as long as possible, which is likely just 13th gen.
For instance DDR3 notebooks are still very performant even today, and it’s pretty hard to be bottlenecked by memory bandwidth on them.


Memory safe, ECC; power efficiency improvements.