Will Intel 14th gen be using DDR4?

The Intel 14th gen processors are rumored to support DDR4, and I was wondering if Framework was planning to continue supporting DDR4 to increase the lifespan of the DDR4 modules.

I believe Meteor Lake is DDR5 only.

An option is to sell the old mainboard with RAM, or just continue using it outside of the chassis anyways though!


I was hoping to be able to use the same ram from my 12th gen laptop for 14th Gen, but you’re right I can just reuse the RAM and main board anyway.

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Yeah, probably just reuse or sell the mainboard together with the old RAM, as the mainboard needs the RAM anyway.

I don’t think 14 gen mobile will support DDR4, because it has better iGPU, and it need the memory with higher bandwidth.

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Intel’s Meteor Lake (which follows a new numbering scheme and isn’t called 14th gen) does not support DDR4.

There have been rumors that Intel might also release a refreshed (ie. Slightly tweaked and with a new name) version of 13th gen mobile, which would likely be named 14th Gen and support DDR4, however I think that will be such a minor upgrade that Framework likely won’t bother with it like how they’ve stated that they’re avoiding AMD’s 8040 series (which is a refreshed 7040 series).

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