Dedicated key to toggle touchpad on/off

[For the OS I’m on the Windows 11 Pro]

I’m looking for a way to quickly toggle the touchpad on/off so that I don’t accidentally move the cursor while typing.

First I thought it would be easy to remap the F12/Framework key, so I downloaded PowerToys. The Keyboard Manager was not helpful for creating a quick setting switch. It allowed me to remap keys. It also allowed me to create new shortcuts to apps or websites. But I couldn’t find a way to make a hotkey that turns the touchpad on and off via the Windows setting.

I wish there was a dedicated function key for this on the Framework keyboard. And I didn’t expect it to be difficult to create this customization. But maybe someone else figured out a way. If you did, I would be grateful if you shared your method.

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Qmk offers lots of customizabilty, but I don’t think it offers this function. If someone else find it figures it out I’d like to know, too qmk_firmware/docs/ at master · qmk/qmk_firmware · GitHub

Use the System icon after having opened the above.
Then two clicks

  1. System (already showing the above
  2. Toggle touchpad

If you are up to it create a batch file to just toggle it on and off.

[windows - (SOLVED) how to enable and disable device in one batch file - Super User]


Woah! Thanks! I did not know this was a thing! There are gestures too!

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