Destiny 2 compatibility?


I’m researching PC laptops, and am wondering if anyone here has tried Destiny 2 on their Framework?

The official system requirements state:

While we will do our best to make sure Destiny 2 is available on the widest variety of PC hardware, we do not officially support Destiny 2 PC on laptop configurations. Laptops with specifications that match or exceed our Minimum System Requirements may be able to play Destiny 2 PC.

Not specifically on the Framework…but seems to work well on an i7-1165g7:

Hi Eric,

Although I cannot give you definitive numbers, before a fair few months ago my gaming took place on laptop iGPU’s for the majority of my life.

A rough estimate I’d reckon is 1080p Low Settings you’d get anywhere between 25-35 fps. There are many contributing factors that play a part in performance. I may be wrong and perhaps you could get a 60fps performance, I haven’t had the chance to play around with anything better than the old Intel UHD And Ryzen Vega integrated graphics.

I don’t see why you wouldn’t get solid 720p performance though, maybe up the sharpening a tad tho.

Happy to help test though when I get my laptop, Im not an enthusiast at the game but I got a free copy some time back.

Best Regards,

Hello, should be playable as long as you are on Windows. I am on Linux and unfortunately, It isn’t playable even via Lutris → Destiny 2 - Lutris.